Blink, and you’ve missed it…

Your reader’s attention span, that is. Something that’s becoming harder and harder to get in this age of always-on information.

Rhubarb Rhubarb is on a mission to change all that. If your business needs to produce writing that’s easier to read, more memorable and altogether more interesting, you’ve come to the right place.


We can help you with:


With tailored courses on every aspect of business writing, you can banish waffle to the waste bin and sloppy to the shredder forever.

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Web copy. Staff magazines. Bids and proposals. You name it. We can make it sparkle.

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Need the advice of an expert writer on your latest comms project? Or help in giving your business a voice of its own? Look no further.

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Proof of the pudding

  • “Good pace, personable, knowledgeable and good at managing course attendees.”
    Paul Cooper, HP
  • “Debra has developed a first class workshop on how to deliver and communicate clear messages in the business world. Her exceptional ability to simplify the execution of great effective writing is a fantastic tool for any executive. She shows you how your emails, letters and marketing material can jump out from the page with great energy and strong, specific language. And she demonstrates how better use of the written word can give you the edge in a competitive marketplace.”
    Sheila Rantor, Managing Director | Meridian Coaching
  • “Very dynamic and articulate.”
    Delegate, proof-reading course, M&G
  • “Excellent. Manages a ‘lively’ group well and handles questions with ease.”
    Simon Lill, OpenText
  • “Excellent. Just right for the team.”
    Kate Woods, copywriting trainee, Atkins
  • “The exercises were engaging and fun and I learned a lot.”
    Jennifer Ryan, tone of voice trainee, Lloyds Banking Group
  • “Debra consistently brought out the best in the groups she led, and never stopped looking at what worked and what didn't and coming up with new ways to present it.”
    Matthew Moore, Marketing Communications and Campaigns Manager at ELEXON
  • “Excellent, entertaining, informative, helpful and approachable.”
    Adam Smith, Graduate Trainee, CBRE
  • “Very enjoyable. Debra’s expertise and experience came through.”
    John Naylor, HP - training delegate